17 07 2009

I’m back. But only because there is something I need to get off my chest. Even though it has been like what, 5 days? Its been seething in my head from that event until now. I know you’ll be reading this, but I just do not know any other way to let you know without offending you or your friends.

The first time I entered the team thread, I was amazed and happy to see everyone was so clickable with each other. No arguments, no conflicts, no friction. Eventually, as all cliques do, disagreements would occur, but it’d be solved in a jiffy. No problems there. But what happened on Cosfest Day 2, was just simply unforgiveable to me. To be honest, I thought the 2 of you should have known better.

There we were at BK White Sands rushing through our costumes, wigs and make-up. I think this is the point whereby I need to remind you that you volunteered to do the make up for the team. OUR team. But in the end, you ended up late. Frankly speaking, we were prepared. I’ve always told Oreo that whenever we do an event, we MUST consider the worst case scenario, and then act appropriately. Anything else that happens wouldn’t be THAT bad, and from there we could play it by ear. So we were quite prepared when we found out that your friend left your make-up materials at D’Marquee. OK la. We swallowed our rising tension, and then luckily, Mag, Mayo, Xuri was already on hand to help out with make up. I hope you remember that they are our back up. Not the MAIN make up artiste.

Oreo and I had planned it in such a way, with all the bad scenario’s planted in, that we’d all arrive, ready and good to cosplay, by 1:00pm sharp. Then suddenly, a call came in, saying that you won’t be stepping into Downtown East without your costume and make up on. Okay.. we factored that in. Got on with the plan. Still on track.

The group had to split up after that, because we had to deposit our bags at Mag’s place, whereas the rest went to D’Marquee to get the costumes, wigs and make up done. We figured that you were going to reach soon, and that everything would be fine and dandy. Right after we reached Mag’s place, took a short break, we received news that your best friend and yourself, would be DOING YOUR OWN MAKE UP AND COSTUME AT YOUR FRIEND’S HOUSE BEFORE HEADING DOWN. We were also told that you’d reached by 2:00pm. I would also like to mention that when I called to get things clarified, I was SHOUTED AT OVER THE PHONE, SAYING THAT RECEIVING CALLS FROM US WAS IRRITATING. Yes. IRRITATING. As much as I would have loved to FLICK OFF THE PERSON WHO ANSWERED MY PHONE CALL THERE AND THEN, I was a guest in someone’s house. So I put the phone down.

In my heart, all I could tell myself is; WE HAVE BEEN FUCKED.

True to my word, Oreo and I rushed down to D’Marquee to witness the all-around chaos that was ensuing. Make-up was barely done. Wigs was not styled properly. Basically, the shit had hit the fan. Oreo had a competition to go to, and his make up was more or less, unsatisfactory for competition purposes. But I don’t blame the stand in make-up artistes. They DID THEIR BEST. We got on with it. The Gundam Seed Destiny Team was pretty much fucked too, because of their incomplete make up and costumes. But I don’t blame the girls in their team for that. Because they actually volunteered to help TEAM CODE GEASS with their make-up. Yes. YOUR TEAM. In a way, they put our team first before their own.

So while Oreo went on the compete feeling disappointed, I tried to run things. TRIED. Wigs and make-up. Definitely not Fadzli’s area of specialty. BEST part was, that’s when you came. at 3:00pm. FANTASTIC. Not only did you fuck us up over the make-up. You also FUCKED OUR WORST CASE SCENARIO.

Fast forward to that same night, where your friend actually OFFERED HIS APOLOGY to us for screwing up our make-up arrangements. But do you know something? I don’t blame him AT ALL. Circumstances fucked with him. There was nothing the poor guy could do.

My only question is;

Why did you have to stay in your friend’s place to do YOUR own make-up and leave YOUR TEAM, the ones you PROMISED TO DO THEIR MAKE UP, in the lurch, only to turn up fucking HOURS LATER?

You screwed up arrangements for Team CG, and Team GSD. I am not going into details on how I felt when I was shouted at. I think you would know that if people are drastically calling for you, its because they need your help. But.. we were FUCKED weren’t we?

In your defense, you were sick. Okay. But I don’t see that as being any reason to come down late, or in this case, NOT FUCKING APPEARING to help your team with the make-up.

Oh. And to top it all off. Not even an apology from you. but from your friend yes. In our team thread nonetheless.

I have a very high opinion of you. But after your display on Sunday, there’s a lot of things I have to reconsider. I just hope the photoshoot doesn’t get fucked too.

Sit down and think about it please. Its not everyday I blow up like this, and if I do, its because of something, someone, or some TEAM, that I hold very close to my heart.