1 06 2009

Wow. Its now June. damn fast eh? Felt so alive in January, blinked, and now its the midway point of 2009. 6 more months, and then it’ll be 2010! So before that arrives, its always good to do a check on yourself.

For example, I managed to do 90% of what I set myself out to do. The only glaring void; my driving license. THAT, will have to wait a bit more longer. hehe.

This year is gonna be a slack year for me, because I just found out my application to SIM has been accepted, albeit for the January 2010 batch, not the July 2009 one. I won’t complain though, because I was feeling down throughout the whole month because of this, which would explain my lack of entries. I’ve got 6 more months to spare, and I’m looking for another job to supplement my tuition one.. Suggestions anyone?

Celebrated my dear sister Kuro’s birthday last weekend. Here some scandalous pictures from the get-together!

Group Photo 1. The guy on the extreme left looks like WEI ZHONG!

Group Photo 1. The guy on the extreme left looks like WEI ZHONG!

Stylishly smart.

Stylishly smart.

All girl group photo.

All girl group photo.

Group Photo 2. Xuri closed her eyes. lols.

Group Photo 2. Xuri closed her eyes. lols.

Kuro was seriously surprised to see us over at her place, because each of us were “busy” with our own stuff.. so we literally caught her off guard. lols. So besides the usual fooling around, drinks and plenty of laughter, we followed up with dinner at Al-Azhar. Note to self: Prata Boom is DAMN SWEET. Eat it only once a year. Also have to remember to stop doing Hardgay impersonations. Have to wait till Bryan comes back. lols.

Speaking of the team, I’ve been arrowed to do their dance for them. Yes. Me. This dance-rusty 24 year old whose joints have long crusted over and unable to move as smoothly as he did 10 years ago. BUT. I’m still taking up the challenge, and one trophy from that would be my left ankle giving way again. lols. I MUST show them something by Saturday. I’m not too overwhelmed by the challenge, just.. unprepared for it? I wasn’t a choreographer in the first place, I just bite from videos, and maybe tweak them here and there. But I’m still gonna show them a good dance to perform for the competition. That’s my mid-year super short term resolution!

Whilst on the topic of years, I met up with a group of my primary schoolmates last Friday. Marcus, Steven, Yuhui and Pei Rong. I was like, WOW, because time really flies so fast, because when I think about it, the last time all of us were together was all the wwwaaaaayyyy back in Primary 3, 15 years ago. Marcus left us in Primary 4 for greener pastures in what ironically is now Yew Tee, and I haven’t seen the 2 girls since I left Qifa. The stories we exchanged, the memories that were revived.. absolutely nostalgic! I just wanted to live it all over again you know. We didn’t take any photos that day, but I made a promise to myself, that when the next gathering comes, there’ll be MORE peeps and then I’m gonna bring my camera along. With a tripod stand if I have to. lols.

I just realized that when I went through my iTunes playlist, I haven’t updated any of my Korean songs yet. I went on K-pop music spree, and I’m gonna list down a few songs to note if you into the Hallyu wave!

I’m doing this dance! For fun.

She’s the new Lee Hyori. Nosebleed alert!

Check out the lyrics. Very touching.

If you want any of these songs, look me up in MSN or FB. =)

OK. This is for all you blog shoppers out there *looks at Jocelyn and Angela*. There’s a new blogshop in town, run by our very own Cine Bimbo, Evan!

michicaloves – COLLECTION #A

The blogshop, which caters to the female population of the nation, has a good choice of casual and semi-formal attire perfect to grace any occasion, bringing style and glamour to whichever event of your choosing! There’s a mailing list as well, so you can be kept informed of new designs brought in! Hai. Suddenly, I wish there was a list of male blogshops I could go through. hehe. Check out the blogshop y’all!



13 05 2009

Okay. Learned my lesson. Never am I gonna click on things I shouldn’t click. Its like opening a Kinder Bueno egg… that’s already sour and rotten.

Since its been 7 days, I guess this entry’s gonna be… epic? long? Well, I’ll just write down what I wanna write down. Please forgive me if it looks like a chapter from Twilight. lols.

4th of May:

Attended a live concert of sorts by local band En-X! I only heard their songs from Wei Zhong, and they’re pretty good. But in my opinion, they sound a lot lot better playing the way they did at Concourse in Esplanade. I brought my D70s along with me, just to take photos, and they sounded so good, my butt was literally glued to my seat, and I only took from that angle. BAD photography. But who cares, the music was good! Photos coming up.

The whole entire band for that day for the Concourse performance. The lead 3 are the main members of the band, whereas the last 2 guys at the back, on the drums and the guitar, and special guests for the performance!

The whole entire band for that day for the Concourse performance. The lead 3 are the main members of the band, whereas the last 2 guys at the back, on the drums and the guitar, and special guests for the performance!

Alvin, Lead Vocals.

Alvin, Lead Vocals.

Ben, Guitars & Backing Vocals

Ben, Guitars & Backing Vocals

Vanessa, Keyboards/Synths

Vanessa, Keyboards/Synths


Upon reaching home, I told myself that I should have used a higher shutter speed. lols. Excuse me. photo-talk.

Anyways, you can check out En-X on their Myspace and Facebook profiles. Links as given! Listen to the songs Never Be The Same and Everything Will Be Alright. My favourite songs!

Other than that, I’ve been spending my days at home. Running. Watching anime online. More running. AND, according to my mum, my appetite has increased 3 fold. OOOH.. I’m gonna look like a Boomer soon.

Oh yeah speaking of Boomer, I’ve been going for plenty of L4D as well! Oreo is now addicted to Survival mode. Frankly, it IS fun, but if the objective is to just SURVIVE a never ending onslaught of rotten zombies, what’s the point? I kinda find it.. dull after a while. At least in Campaign mode, you have an objective to finish. Survival mode? I still don’t see it, but its still exhilirating to shoot down wave and wave and wave and wave and wave and wave and wave and wave and wave of zombies, followed by a random number of Tanks, Smokers and Boomers. Comedy central I tell you.

Last weekend, the team went back to that cursed place to catch soft toys again. lols. I spent $14 bucks, without catching anything. WTF. The Marksman game increased to $2. I got so demoralized, I missed all my attempts. DAMN IT. Disappointing.

And before you guys judge me and assume I’m getting my money from my mum, I’m not! I’m starting work tonight, at a tuition centre in Jurong West. Tutoring English, obviously my BEST ever subject. Let me teach the kids anything else, and it’ll probably turn out disastrous. lols.

Oh well. Wish me luck!


22 04 2009

I think I’m going nuts.

No, its not because I played Left 4 Dead again today (I seriously need to kick the game out of my system).

I’m hooked to this song;

In my head today, I was lolli lolli lollipopping all the way from Bugis to Yew Tee. And yeah I went to Bugis today. Got some new stuff. Watch. Jeans. Top.

After my semi-splurging today, it just undermines the fact that I NEED TO FIND A JOB! albeit temporarily.

This section goes out to a dear friend of mine, since I’m still fucking pissed off with you and your attitude.
You fucking know who you are. You keep asking plenty of things about friends and NS. I told you what I know, what I experienced. Out of sight, out of mind. Yeah I’ve been through it. EVERY male Singaporean citizen has. You’re not the only dick in Singapore who’s been through it. So even IF you are feeling bitter about it, don’t fucking give me that fucked up attitude of yours just because I asked you a DAMN SIMPLE QUESTION. So fucking what if I want to try on the cap? Why, I can’t bite G-Dragon? AND. what the fuck makes you think I was gonna bite him anyway? Just because I asked you? I look at your fashion sense, and I’m sure you got your inspiration off someone. That’s biting too fucking damn it. And who gave you the right to tell me not to bite anyway? What are you, the fashion police? WOOO.. come arrest me I’m biting off another dude for his style. What’s my sentence? 15 years in a beige old pants and singlet?

You keep asking me whether you changed. I said you didn’t, because I felt that you hadn’t changed! But after that demonstration of your fucked up attitude last night, OH BOY. You gave me a reason to verbally fuck you. I have every right to try on something that catches my eye. YOU KNOW IT YOURSELF TOO. When do I ever bite off the stuff I see? even if I did, its because I want to see whether it suits me or not.

Oh, and for your fucking info, I DID try on the cap today. It didn’t suit me. There. Case closed. Not so hard isn’t it? If you actually kept your opinion to yourself, or at least phrased your words nicely, I wouldn’t get so damn fucking offended. Work on your words man. Don’t convince me that all in your vocabulary are nothing but vulgarities A – Z.

Use your head dammit.


13 04 2009

I have one inspiration everytime I look at something I like, or listen to something soothing.


You put the right words in, let it blend smoothly, and it becomes a greater work of art or literature (or so it seems).

When I was younger, I used to take the melody from songs, and match them with another set of lyrics altogether. My favourite? I loved to take Korean songs, in which the words obviously doesn’t make sense to me, and rewrite them into something else. Joanna & Ting can testify to that.

*By the way Jo, I spent 3 hours combing my house to find the lyrics. I think its gone. SORRY!

I found a bunch of my old songs from my old laptop stashed inside my mum’s disk drive. GLEEFULLY I transferred them to my iTunes, listening to each song, reminiscing how these songs inspired me with their lyrics.

And then there’s the other type, that takes songs already on mainstream, record it with their own spin to it. This is the time I first listened to the beautiful vocals of Olivia Ong.

Olivia Ong

Olivia Ong

I was blown away. Here’s list of the covers she did:

  • Sometimes When We Touch
  • All of Out Love
  • True Colours
  • Close To You
  • Fields of Gold
  • Make It With You
  • Fly Me to The Moon (My personal favourite!)
  • Lovefool
  • Kiss Me

Her whole albums are so nice and soothing! I can just turn spin this on a sunny weekend morning and do my work peacefully. Her voice reminds me a bit of Joanna’s. Go over to to listen to some of her songs, and then go buy her CD. Worth it!

Did my first cosplay shoot last Friday. No no, I wasn’t the cosplayer. Bryan invited me to help out in a shoot he was doing for his friends. So down I went to town to meet up with him and his gang of friends from SGcafe. The 2 cosplayers, hyperactive young ladies by the names of Shiro and Kuro, were doing Ouran High School Host Club characters Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin. Some choice photos below;



I know my skills aren’t “there” yet. Working towards it. Never back down! =)

Went out with Ting today. I became quite the glutton. This is what is currently churning in my tummy right now:

  • Salmon & Unagi Combo from Yoshinoya.
  • Auntie Anne’s Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel.
  • Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream
  • Rochor Bean Curd and You tiao.

All of that in a space of 4 hours. and you know what?

I’m still hungry.

But judging by what I ate today, I’d have to run later on in the morning. Time to get rid of that disturbing ring of fat around my tummy!

Lemme show you guys a new superhero in Singapore!

Kamen Rider.... Hentai. As announced by Shiro & Kuro.

Kamen Rider.... Hentai. As announced by Shiro & Kuro.

Yeah. Our dear friend Bryan put on his paintball mask, and started walking down Orchard Road, imitating Hard Gay.

Next time, I’ll bring a VIDEO CAMERA.


8 04 2009

WTH~!? Man Utd were so promising in the last 10 minutes. Went behind in the 4th minute thanks to wonderful secondary school defending. Got level in the 15th minute thanks to kindergarten level defending. Scored a wonderfully worked goal through an Argentinean that does nothing but run around. AND.. conceded a goal right at the death! SERIOUSLY! I could have placed Wei Zhong there, and HE could have done a better job. WTF man. Stayed up for nothing.

The good thing is, I get to watch another high-level game tonight, with Chelsea taking on Liverpool. YEAH. I wonder whether Rafa Benitez is gonna rotate his players again. Maybe put Dossena as centre-back, just for kicks! HAHA.. either way, I’m a neutral in that game. I hate Chelsea, and I refuse to acknowledge the existence of Liverfools.. eh I mean Liverpool. I WOULD though, honestly like to meet Liverpool in the next round.

Here’s an update on the upcoming game this weekend. Well, there is NO MORE game, because the church team hasn’t enough players. At least they informed us early. Looks like our first game will have to wait then!

OK for all of you K-Drama fans out there. There’s a new drama series coming soon to SBS, starring the young man with the great voice, Lee Seung Gi.

Shining Inheritance Promo Picture

From left to right; Bae Soon Bin, Han Hyo Joo, Moon Chae Won & Lee Seung Gi

Eun Sung (Han Hyo Joo) was a kind-hearted girl who has everything, a loving father, a rich and happy family. But her step-mom, Baek Sung Hee (Kim Mi Sook) took away all her properities upon the death of her father and forced her to fend for herself while raising her real daughter ‘Seung Mi’ (Moon Chae Won) with great care. Luckily for Eun Sung who has a talent in cooking, she was accepted to a food company ‘Honey combs’ which is owned by the SunWoo family (unknowing that SunWoo family and her family’s grandparents are friends). But things are to get compilcated for her when she starts working for them as both SunWoo Hwan (Lee Seung Gi), the successor to the food company and Park Jun Se (Bae Soo Bin), a Fusion restaurant owner with an upcoming arranged marriage to Woo Hwan’s younger sister “Woo Jung” (Han Ye Won) get attracted to her.
Credits to for the synopsis!

Sounds complicated right? K-drama usually is. Lovers in Paris and Boys Over Flowers are testaments to that fact. But they also have good storylines. Anyway, I’m watching this because there’s Lee Seung Gi in it. I hope soompi subs this, if not, I’d have to make do with GUESSING what’s happening. And that sucks.

More promo pictures from the show!

THAT is a limited edition Harley Davidson.

THAT is a limited edition Harley Davidson.

LSG Harley 2Credits to allkpop for the promo pictures!

I had a great breakfast with Marcus this morning. And whatever he said to me moved a few thoughts in my head. Its still a mess and a jumble of strings now, but, I now realized all I’m doing is torturing myself.

I think its time to wake up, and look ahead. =)