17 06 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo is probably making the WORST decisions in his career right now.

First. He’s moving to Real Madrid. REAL MADRID! The White Storm. Where the fans can just suddenly turn against you for just ONE bad performance. Forget about the 20 goals in the past 16 games.. bla bla bla. Look at Michael Owen. People forget he WAS from Real Madrid, where he did PRETTY WELL coming from the bench. Let’s see whether Ronaldo can perform as well as he did at Manchester United.

This is the one that really shocked the hell out of me. Cristiano Ronaldo is dating. Not just any supermodel mind you. He’s dating PARIS HILTON. YES. The figure that made sex tapes trendy all around the world. Check out the news here. Seriously I tell you. Even Cristiano’s mum is not agreeable with her. She thinks they can be the new Becks and Posh. Pui. Scary. I wouldn’t want to imagine the strains of STDs she might carry in her.

okay, moving on from disgusting news. I finally decided on the 2 places I wanna visit, or retire to, before I die.

New Zealand and South Korea.

New Zealand, you guys probably knew it already. I simply ADORE New Zealand. Just look at the Lord of Rings trilogy, was was shot in NZ. The scenery is FANTASTIC! Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this scenery every morning?

My room window view.

My room window view.

View from the other window.

View from the other window.

Hell yeah. Throw in the sheep too. Hari Raya Haji sacrifice.. MUTTON….

OK I bet the 2nd choice shocked you guys… a bit.

Other than my undying love for Korean female artistes Sun Ye WG, Yoona SNSD, Yoon Eun Hye, Goo Hye Sun, Son Dambi, Lee Hyori and Bae Seul Ki, I love the culture, the people and.. the countryside.

Don’t believe me? Check out this show called Family Outing. The show’s premise is simple. A group of celebrities (6 permanent cast with 1 guest) are sent out to the Korean countryside to help out a family with their household/daily stuff while that said family goes for a vacation. Besides the ensuing chaos and hilarity, the cut scenes showing the natural beauty of South Korea’s countryside is simply breath-taking. Check it out if you like to watch something really unique and laugh-all-the-time kinda fun. Follow this link here. Brings you straight to Youtube. The channel has english subtitles!

My fever has subsided. Thank goodness. I hope my appetite returns as well.



30 04 2009

T’was a night well spent staying up. 1-0 victory for Man Utd over Arsenal! But the thing is… ONE goal!? We could have had more. We SHOULD have scored more! Kudos to Manual Aluminium Manuel Almunia for making those fine saves. He keeps on this form, he’ll get England’s No. 1 jersey pretty soon!

This video had me in stitches for a while before I fell asleep. lols. PLEASE do NOT watch this while drinking water.

LOLS. You can check out the main website here. FAILBLOG.

I miss L4D. lols.


30 04 2009

I’m still up. Waiting for the Champion’s League Semifinal game between MY club Manchester United and Arse-anal Arsenal. It SHOULD be a cracker of a game. I hope.

Anyway, I came across this article while surfing around after getting bored of watching my downloaded animes.

Builders find Auschwitz message

Can you imagine that? A message left behind in 1944, to be found in 2009. God knows whether the people in the letter are still alive, but don’t you think that they actually managed to leave a piece of their history behind, to let the future discover? I can imagine how proud and emotional their descendants would be. Then I suddenly remembered why my email address has a peculiar number behind it (for those who don’t know, one of my email addresses is


Which is 100 years after the year I’m born. I remembered what was going through my mind when I first thought of that email addie;

“Would I be alive 100 years after I was born?”

Kind of morbid know. Chances are, it won’t happen. But then again, you might never know. The point is, I was looking to imagine how it’d be like in Year 2085. The fella who wants to choose that email address would be shocked to find out its been in use since 2003. Maybe in 2085, my son’s son’s son’s children will be born. I wonder what his name will be? Will it have a Shah behind as well? What kind of legacy will I leave for them? Would they be of mix blood? Would they be handsome / beautiful?

What will be new in 2085? Would there still be ERP? Would cars be flying instead of on the road? Would Calvin’s son finally get a JC girlfriend? Will there be JCs in that era? Can Ryan finally eat mayonnaise? Will phones be able to transmit live images without lagging, across all the continents? Would the sea levels be the same? Great fun to see what will be in the future ain’t it.

Sometimes, I wish I could freeze myself at this age, and then watch as my descendants grow up into the future. Cullen-like, if you may. Well, according to most nature forecasters, Earth would run out of fuel, have the ozone layer completely depleted, bla bla bla.. pandemics.. endemics.. Not a really bright future if you look at it pessimistically. BUT. We ARE the smartest species on the planet. We’ll find a way through. Will my descendants have a hand in it? Will they get to live off the planet?

I got a million and one questions running through my head right now. I just wish I could travel to the future, and see how Muhd Fadzli Shah the 4th will do in the future. On the other hand, what I can do right now, is to let him see what I did in the past.

I have no idea whether my 2 blogs will survive far into the future. There, they can read everything I went through, the mistakes I made, the people I loved and loathed, the things I’ve seen and heard.. never thought a blog can be that significant right? I look at my grandparents and think about the things they’ve seen in their lifetime.. and then comes my experiences.. to be passed down to my son. and his son after that.

I think you guys can tell this post is churning up thought trains in my head more confusing than Ryan’s hair when it was long and unruly. But you get what I mean. I just hope, and pray, that the future will be bright and happy for my descendants.

By the way, I’ve updated the About page, and also added a new one as well, Global Lyrics. Check out the tabs at the top of the blog.


8 04 2009

WTH~!? Man Utd were so promising in the last 10 minutes. Went behind in the 4th minute thanks to wonderful secondary school defending. Got level in the 15th minute thanks to kindergarten level defending. Scored a wonderfully worked goal through an Argentinean that does nothing but run around. AND.. conceded a goal right at the death! SERIOUSLY! I could have placed Wei Zhong there, and HE could have done a better job. WTF man. Stayed up for nothing.

The good thing is, I get to watch another high-level game tonight, with Chelsea taking on Liverpool. YEAH. I wonder whether Rafa Benitez is gonna rotate his players again. Maybe put Dossena as centre-back, just for kicks! HAHA.. either way, I’m a neutral in that game. I hate Chelsea, and I refuse to acknowledge the existence of Liverfools.. eh I mean Liverpool. I WOULD though, honestly like to meet Liverpool in the next round.

Here’s an update on the upcoming game this weekend. Well, there is NO MORE game, because the church team hasn’t enough players. At least they informed us early. Looks like our first game will have to wait then!

OK for all of you K-Drama fans out there. There’s a new drama series coming soon to SBS, starring the young man with the great voice, Lee Seung Gi.

Shining Inheritance Promo Picture

From left to right; Bae Soon Bin, Han Hyo Joo, Moon Chae Won & Lee Seung Gi

Eun Sung (Han Hyo Joo) was a kind-hearted girl who has everything, a loving father, a rich and happy family. But her step-mom, Baek Sung Hee (Kim Mi Sook) took away all her properities upon the death of her father and forced her to fend for herself while raising her real daughter ‘Seung Mi’ (Moon Chae Won) with great care. Luckily for Eun Sung who has a talent in cooking, she was accepted to a food company ‘Honey combs’ which is owned by the SunWoo family (unknowing that SunWoo family and her family’s grandparents are friends). But things are to get compilcated for her when she starts working for them as both SunWoo Hwan (Lee Seung Gi), the successor to the food company and Park Jun Se (Bae Soo Bin), a Fusion restaurant owner with an upcoming arranged marriage to Woo Hwan’s younger sister “Woo Jung” (Han Ye Won) get attracted to her.
Credits to for the synopsis!

Sounds complicated right? K-drama usually is. Lovers in Paris and Boys Over Flowers are testaments to that fact. But they also have good storylines. Anyway, I’m watching this because there’s Lee Seung Gi in it. I hope soompi subs this, if not, I’d have to make do with GUESSING what’s happening. And that sucks.

More promo pictures from the show!

THAT is a limited edition Harley Davidson.

THAT is a limited edition Harley Davidson.

LSG Harley 2Credits to allkpop for the promo pictures!

I had a great breakfast with Marcus this morning. And whatever he said to me moved a few thoughts in my head. Its still a mess and a jumble of strings now, but, I now realized all I’m doing is torturing myself.

I think its time to wake up, and look ahead. =)

Huiting’s 20th!

7 04 2009

Ok this part is for my “sister” for 8 years, a certain Ms Sim Huiting, who turns 20 today!

Ting & Me

Thank you so much for being around whenever I need a listening ear! All the best to you and ____. HAHAHAHAHA!! More chicken rice and beancurd suppers in the future!

Come to think of it, what IS the definition of a perfect birthday celebration? I remember, my 17th birthday celebration in Jin Tai, with Shumei, Chermaine, Huiqi, Sally, Xiuxin, Thierry, Gin Min.. practically the whole bunch of volleyball peeps. Stayed in SCHOOL to celebrate. Imagine that. But it was fun! Waterbombs, truth or dare.. I remember they made me hold Huiqi’s hand. HAHA.

My 18th birthday, I went to meet Joanna, Pearl and Kai Yan for some cakes at MAC. Ginza Plaza. Another legendary place. The cakes were good! but I remember almost choking on the tiramisu powder though.. lols.

And then there’s my 21st birthday. Celebrated in style at Sentosa. PLENTY of people around. Practically the old Cine Clique was there. After a while though, half of them left because they thought it was boring, without doing anything. That made me pretty upset actually. Then Tiffany came up with the idea of a ice-cream birthday cake from 7-11. NICE. Really enjoyed that.

Jump 2 years, to my 23rd celebration last year. Held it at Calvin’s place, BBQ style. A lot of people who said they’ll be able to come did not appear, so there was massive wastage of food. And then I remember the Rabbit Incident. lols. Isaac brought his rabbit given by Steph, who eventually passed away. So a whole bunch of them went out to bury the poor little fella. After that came the Frog Incident, where Calvin, Darren and Shiying witnessed the death of a frog run over by a car on the road. Calvin, being Calvin, screamed. lols. So they came back traumatised and valuing their lives much more. Anyway, I can’t remember much after that.

Do you see the pattern there?

That’s the reason why I don’t have an answer when both Ting and Ryan asked how I was going to celebrate my birthday. To tell you the truth, I even FORGOT it was my birthday month until they asked me. Birthdays come once a year.. but after all that’s happened, especially in the last 5, its getting to be a torture just celebrating this day, because eventually, people won’t turn up, or they’ll do something else. Even in my blog archive, I didn’t have an April 2008 entry at all, and the celebration was given a cursory mention in the May entry. I think even back then, I’ve realized that celebrating my birthday is a lost cause, its just that I kept denying it because.. I’m like that.

Ok enough ranting. On to other stuff.

The player list for the coming match on Saturday as follows:


Yeah that’s all for now. Hopefully, the game’ll go ahead.

Catch up.

7 04 2009

Time to back track on some posts I’ve been meaning to put up.

Told you guys I’ve been doing photography right? Partly because Marcus taught me to do photo manipulation. So for one day, Ryan and myself went self-taking-crazy. Be warned though, my CS2 skills are pretty much non-existent, so don’t expect too much. But anyways, here’s our efforts for that day;

Resurrection of the Teletubbies.

Resurrection of the Teletubbies.

I seriously have no idea what's going on here.

I seriously have no idea what's going on here.

Well, I've always wanted to be in a boyband..

Well, I've always wanted to be in a boyband..

We planned to play doubles for the tennis tournament. Works eh?

We planned to play doubles for the tennis tournament. Works eh?

Fun stuff. I recommend you do it at least once, if you’ve got the chance. Its not often you get play around with your own image. In a good way of course.

On to other stuff. Futbol Team Victoire, our first game in our short history will be this coming Saturday, against the football team the Methodist Church of Incarnation. By this time you guys should have received the SMS from Dickson. Please reply him as soon as possible, so we can plan out the team and formation for the game, and to settle any logistical matters. A bit sad our first game will be without a team jersey, but we can make do without it. =)

I turn my head to the East, I don’t see nobody by my side..
I turn my head to the West, still nobody in sight..
So I turn my head to the North, swallow that pill that they call pride..
That old me is dead and gone..
But that new me will be alright…


6 04 2009

Yeah. So in the end I moved. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Its something that I felt I had to do. Maybe its just part of me moving on.

Anyway, GREAT result yesterday! All thanks to this young Italian!

Federico Macheda

Federico Macheda!

Wonderful curler in the 93rd minute, curling past a hapless Brad Friedel.  Yup. Moments like that is what the Barclays Premiership is ALL about. This young man will be a marked face in years to come. Talent for the future.