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This will be the page where I post up the lyrics to my favourite songs, from all over the world. I’ll try to provide the original with translations and maybe even pronounciations as well! Enjoy your read through here!

한 남자 Han Namja (One Man) – Kim Jong Kook Credits to Aheeyah for the lyrics!

참 오래됐나봐 이 말조차 무색할 만큼
cham oraedwetnabwa ee majocha musekhal mankum
It must’ve been a long time. Long enough for these words to become colorless
니 눈빛만 봐도 널 훤히 다 아는
ni nunbitman bwado nol hwonhi da anun
Even if I just see your eyes, I know everything
니 친구처럼 너의 그림자 처럼
ni chinguchorom noye gurimja chorom
Like your friend, like your shadow.

늘 함께 했나봐 니가 힘들때나 슬플때
neul hamgge haetnabwa niga himdulddena sulpuldde
We must’ve been together always. When you’re having hard time and you are sad,
외로워 할때도 더 이별 안고서
werowo halddedo do ibyul angoso
even when you’re lonely. Holding onto separation a bit longer,
아파할때도 니 눈물 닦아줄
apahalddedo ni nunmul dakggajul
Even when I’m hurting to wipe away your tears..


한남자가 있어 널 너무 사랑한
hannamjaga isso nol nomu saranghan
There’s a man. Who loves you so much.
한남자가 있어 사랑해 말도 못하는
hannamjaga isso saranghae maldo mothanun
There’s a man. Who can’t even say I love you.
니 곁에 손 내밀며 꼭 닿을거리에
ni kyote son nemilmyo ggok taulgoriye
By your side I put my hand out and at a path were you can always reach me
자신보다 아끼는 널 같이 내가 있어
jashinboda agginun nol kachi nega isso
I, who cherishes you more than myself, am with you.

너를 웃게 하는 일 마치 그것만 생각하고
norul utge hanun il machi gugotman senggakhago
To make you laugh, I think of only that and
언제어디서나 너를 바라보고 널 그리워 하고 니 걱정만 하는
onjeodisona norul barabogo nol guriwohago ni gokjongman hanun
When and where ever you are I’m watching you and missing you.
And who worries of only you,

Repeat Chorus

천번쯤 삼키고 또 만번쯤 추스려 보지만
chonbonjjum samkigo ddo manbonjjum chusuryo bojima
For the thousandth time I swallow and again for ten thousandth time I try to set everything straight. I want to tell you. I think I’m going to go insane but.
말하고 싶어 미칠것 같은데 널 와락 난 안고 싶은데
malhago shippo michilgot katunde nol warak nan ango shipeunde
I want to embrace you all at one but…

한여자가있어 이런날 모르는
hanyuhjagaisso ironal morunun
There’s a girl, who doesn’t know I’m like this.
사랑받으면서 사랑인줄 도 모르는
sarangpadumyonso saranginjul do morunun
Who receives love but doesn’t even know that it is love.
나만큼 꼭 바보같은 슬픈 널 두고
namankum ggok babokatun sulpun nol dugo
Leaving you, who is as foolish as I and sad,
이순간도 눈물이 나지만 행복한걸
isungando nunmuri najiman hengbokangol
At this moment tears come but I’m happy.
니가 곁에 있기 때문이야
niga kyote itgi ddemuniya
It’s because you’re by my side.

Han Namja Music Video

Kinda makes you think how could a buff guy like him, have such a high voice. In Korea, they tease him as the mosquito voice. lols.


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