17 04 2009

High on zombies today. No no, I did not consume them. But killing over 3,000 zombies in one sitting really feels good!

Met up with Calvin and Wei Zhong for a bit of Left 4 Dead action just now. AH. The best game ever. If you ever need to destress and you wanna feel good and warm all over, play L4D! Its the one game where shooting at humanoids zombies is mandatory, only to save your life. Good trade eh? I actually felt my eyes BURNING after finishing our 3-hour zombie-spraying binge. I got a feeling tonight I will dream of zombies. Left 4 Dead style!

A bit pissed off though. Out of 3 stages we played, I didn’t survive on ONE. And why? Because the damn TANK got to me before I could reach the safety of the rescue vehicle. Tank you say?

Ashley after he ORDs.

Ashley after he ORDs.

This is the one face that strikes terror into every noob L4D player’s hearts, especially when you hear the accompanying cheesy music and see the vibrations on screen of the approaching Tank. So what is so bad about this dude? Well..

  • He has PLENTY of hitpoints. Which means to say you probably need to empty 3 clips of machinegun ammo just to bring down the big guy.
  • He is strong. He hits you one time, your health goes down about 25 hitpoints. Not good, especially when you are being raped overwhelmed by zombies.
  • He treats you like a shuttlecock. SERIOUSLY. One of this guy’s attacks is to swat you away. Personal experience: I once tried to be gung-ho and chionged the fella with nothing but my 2 handguns. He swatted me off the building. Instant death. I’ve never seen Wei Zhong laugh so hard in my life.

He has another friend which I love to hate. The Boomer.

Ryan after eating mayonnaise.

Ryan after eating mayonnaise.

This big, fat, ugly fella has one irritating ability: Vomiting. The vomit actually attracts hordes of the other kuching kurap zombies, which then proceed to rape overwhelm you again. Luckily, because his belly is so full of gas, 5 bullets is enough to blow him up like a balloon. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Needless to say, I LOVE to play the campaign missions, because you’re up against the AI. Me and 3 other friends whom I can trust. Of course, I know Calvin won’t save me if I’m left behind next time, because that’s what I did to him just now. HAHA.

Okay. Now for a bit of indulgence.

I am totally head over heels in adoration for this celebrity:

Bae Seul Ki

Bae Seul Ki


It also helps that she’s a wonderful singer, and she can dance as well. She appeared on a couple of Korean variety shows, namely Xman and Love Letter. Her Bokgo (old school) korean dance is damn cool!

She recently released her new album, with the title track Tiresome, featuring Ha Joo Yeon of Jewelry fame. Here’s a video of her recent LIVE performance on KBS’s Music Bank on 3rd April 2009.

Now you can see how pretty she really is! HEHE.  Here’s more eye candy photos for my your viewing pleasure.


If I don’t dream of zombies tonight, I’ll dream of her. No combination of both please. HAHA.

Just a random shoutout: OETLEUMAS, what the hell are you still waiting for~!? Just ask GNITIUHMIS be your girl liao la!