14 06 2009

Yesterday was probably the most spastic funniest day I’ve ever had with the team. lols.

We went to Scape opposite Cine for the StreetFest, basically an event for cosplayers all over Singapore. Saw a few familiar faces, plenty of characters, a lot of disgusting things as well. Shall not elaborate. lols. I refused to bring my camera yesterday, because it was just as I expected, a lot of photogs, but less cosplayers. Which means, this hypothetical scenario keeps repeating over and over again.

Me: Hi, can I take a picture of you?
Cosplayer: SURE!

And suddenly, your prime spot to adjust your body to get the perfect frame and angle is suddenly assailed by photographers armed with all manners of zoom lenses, flash and other camera paraphernalia which I don’t even know their names. In short, they were like a bunch of pirahnas.

"EH QUICK! That one posing liao!"

"EH QUICK! That one posing liao!"

Then there were some of them who actually went there to just.. gawk. Not to look and enjoy the atmosphere of people who enjoy cosplaying, but to ogle and make crude remarks. I don’t even know what to say about these guys.

Anyway, after the whole thing was over, we went over to that new, funky shopping centre opposite Centrepoint. And yes, I forgot the name and I am lazy to freakin Google it. Anyway, the place has this cool escalator running from the 4th floor to 7th floor on the freakin EXTERIOR of the building. So we went up, acting like a bunch of really noob tourists. LOLS. At the top, we got ready the cake we prepared for Bryan, coz it was his birthday! After plenty of laughter, comments, insults and jokes.. we took the lift down to the 4th floor.. to go up the escalator again. LOLS!

YES spastic I know. But its a cheap thrill! Once back on the 7th floor, we spied a really tall circular makan place at the top of Meritus Mandarin, and we decided to go over, JUST to see what it was.

38 floors and a embarassing moment later, we found out it was a lounge bar call Chatterbox. lols. So we went back down and called it a night. Some of us went to Cine for a drink, and that’s that for Saturday.

This morning, woke up to a fever. Yay. And as I type this entry down, my nose is dripping like a water tap. Hai.




3 05 2009
PLUSHIES. Except for 1.

PLUSHIES. Except for 1.

That picture on top pretty much sums up my weekend. lols. The whole Team had plushie catching machine fever. and I think its all my fault.

Marina Square has this really cool shop that is full of that money-sucking-scam-filled claw machines that promises you a soft toy if you manage to grip the toy properly. The Team walked past it, and Shiro and Kousagi were enamoured by that big Stitch in the photo. So after the guy was done, I realized I had several one dollar coins in my pocket, and itchy-itchy-itchy put it inside to try my luck. And as always, I missed. But it was this <——> close. So I tried again. Eventually, I managed to do it, with Oreo’s help, and I gave it to Kousagi. By this time, EVERYONE was playing.

So my returns yesterday were;

  1. The big Stitch (Gave Kousagi)
  2. 2 turtles (Gave Kousagi)
  3. 1 Pooh Bear (Gave Oreo)
  4. 1 Pooh Bear in a cow suit (Got passed around, and landed up with Mayi. lols)

Yeah. I didn’t bring any back. The best was Ben though. There was this particular machine called Marksman, which isn’t the typical claw machine. But you had to control a pushing pointer on 2 vectors, up and right, and then manouver it to push down a metal plate bearing a number, through a random shape done in acrylic plastic. Confusing? You gotta see the machine to understand the mechanics of it. lols. Ben spent 3 bucks doing nothing but understanding the game. DAMN funny. OK la, among all of us, he spent the most, so he got the most plushies.

Really reminds me of the days in Cine and PS where we ended up with;

The big one behind was part of Catch 3, Get him free option. We left it at Hougang.

The big one behind was part of Catch 3, Get him free option. We left it at Hougang.

This was on the first day Cineleisure arcade brought in the claw machine. Darren went nuts.

This was on the first day Cineleisure arcade brought in the claw machine. Darren went nuts.

STITCH! Hot favourite.

STITCH! Hot favourite.

This is all the result of watching Darren plot, plan and manouver his way around to catch one.. only for him to miss, cuss, followed by a few dramatic turns and facial expressions and den followed by changing more money to play. He usually gets it at the next attempt though. I had the same reactions yesterday, but spent a bit more money than him. lols. Grass will taste damn good next week.

Picture of the day:

Eriol, with Shiro's Dollfie.. whose name slipped my mind.

Eriol, with Shiro's Dollfie.. whose name slipped my mind.

Check out the doll on Eriol’s arm. I found out yesterday its actually a HOBBY. so I looked it up.

Dollfie (I believe that version of Dollfie is in that page)

Think Barbie, except with much more cooler clothes, funky hairstyles, blue tack and no gay-looking Ken doll. Kousagi and Shiro have one. And I see the way they invest in the dolls.. I got one complain though. I can’t differenciate between guys and girls. That doll up there, its a guy.


And the other thing that freaked me out, was how easily detachable the dolls were. This was demonstrated to me over dinner one night, when Kousagi and Shiro was discussing their dolls, when suddenly Shiro simply detached her doll’s head into two equal pieces. It was like breaking an egg, albeit SMOOTHLY. I had maggi goreng sitting inside my mouth being chewed, and I was quite close to having it being maggi goreng on Mayi’s face instead. Imagine Saw. That freaky. Or maybe I’m just a big ayam.

Marina Square anyone? lols.