24 06 2009

I was telling Jocelyn yesterday, I needed inspiration to blog. I didn’t want to just like blog emptily, just put out a random pile of comments and thoughts and publish it. So here’s one that has stumped me for some time.

Okay. I bet you’ve seen this before. You’re walking down in town, happily with your friends or significant other, and then you come upon a group of “ruffians”.. notice the “”, because most of the time, they’re just decent guys with a weird taste in fashion. Let me explain. When you walk past them, they’ll have caps on. and they’ll look real good in them.. except.. why are the caps floating?

Yup. The renowned Floating Cap Phenomena. Does anyone REMOTELY know why the cap has to float? Usually when I see people wear caps, its all flat on their head, nice and neat, protecting your head from the burning effects of the sun. But what does a floating cap do? You know, when that fashion statement first came out, and I saw a bunch of 15 dudes (that right, FIFTEEN effing male teenagers) entering the train, with magically floating caps on their heads. IN DIFFERENT COLOURS! It was like seeing UFOs hovering above their heads. and I swear to you, as I was standing beside one of them, I surreptiously took a look inside the cap. ALL of them were wearing the caps with the mesh lining at the back, thus making the area around the back of the cap see-through. And there I was. Peering inside the cap, to look for answers I somehow felt wouldn’t come. It didn’t.

So I came up with a few theories on to what’s inside the cap.

  1. Food. Nasi Lemak, Mee Hongkong, Roti Prata.. the possibilities are endless.
  2. Polly Pocket figurine set.
  3. Pokemon cards.
  4. A Gremlin.
  5. Play-doh.
  6. Scrunched up Afro hair.
  7. A purple Smurf. Due to lack of air.
  8. A hamster. In a freakin wheel.

And to compound matters, I actually saw it. In a MUSIC VIDEO, of an American artiste. ITS SPREADING, PEOPLE. This guy, Karl Wolf, shoots his awesome music video in the land of oil-rich Dubai, drives a fantastic sports car, sits on a boat with his trophy girlfriend sipping god-knows-what.. and his effing CAP IS FLOATING.

Close up footage of floating cap on 2:00 onwards. SCREAM my friends. SCREAM.

Nice song eh? Saving grace, he flattened his cap after that.

You know what a bunch of these floating-cap-wearing-people remind me of?

Also known as Bash-in-floating-caps Game.

Also known as Bash-in-floating-caps Game.

You can just hear the game music in the background.. the game timer counting down.. and then the PIAK PIAK PIAK PIAK PIAK of the caps being flattened. Then followed by the sounds of your running footsteps and they chase you down. lols.

You know who should wear floating caps?? CONEHEADS!

This way to buy floating caps!

This way to buy floating caps!

Of course for them, its a necessity!

And I’m just posting this here, JUST BECAUSE she is extremely hot.

Okay. So I'm a fanboy. Sue me.

Okay. So I'm a fanboy. Sue me.