17 09 2009

Doing the yearly spring cleaning of my drawers and cupboards today. I came across a whole pile of old photos I stashed away because they were not relevant to what I was doing. Went through every single one. You know what they were?

Pictures from my secondary school days.

It was then that I realized that these are photos that are over or close to a decade old. FADZLI 10 years ago. When I look at me 10 years ago.. WOW. So much difference. Listed them down below:

  • I was a lot more tanned then. Now I understood why a few of my friends called me the unorthodox Tamil Tiger.
  • There was COMPLETELY no sign of my now-obvious tummy.
  • Back then, I didn’t have a hairSTYLE. It was just hair.
  • I had photos from Sec 1 to Sec 5. Each year, I adopted a new hairstyle. Yearly epic fail.
  • I was really short.

And then there was the photos of my other schoolmates.. whether it was at camps, pre-JT Jammers performances (OMG THIS I GOTTA SCAN AND TAG IN FB!), school gatherings, random shots taken by friends.. please take note, this was over a year ago, when digital cameras were like the iPhone among cameras that time. EVERYTHING was on film. The horror.

I realized that I’ve grown a lot since then. I mean, I do wish that I could go back and relive those memories.. it was fun being a 14-year-old without a care in the world. Right now, I’m 24 with plenty of concerns, just your typical young adult Singaporean. I think I’ve aged well. I’ve got my targets, and they’re all within range.. I’ve no worries at the moment! and I like that feeling.

I hope that if ever my younger friends come upon / stumble / stalk my blog and read this entry.. flood your computers with photos of who and what you are now. Keep them. When you grow older, you’ll realize that the photos will help you achieve what most adults fail to do, and yearn to do it.

Feel young again.