27 10 2009

I could have kept my mouth shut. But I didn’t.

I could have kept it hidden, but I let it out.

I could have denied it, but I embraced with all I am.

What did I get in the end?

Shards. of what it felt.



24 06 2009

I was telling Jocelyn yesterday, I needed inspiration to blog. I didn’t want to just like blog emptily, just put out a random pile of comments and thoughts and publish it. So here’s one that has stumped me for some time.

Okay. I bet you’ve seen this before. You’re walking down in town, happily with your friends or significant other, and then you come upon a group of “ruffians”.. notice the “”, because most of the time, they’re just decent guys with a weird taste in fashion. Let me explain. When you walk past them, they’ll have caps on. and they’ll look real good in them.. except.. why are the caps floating?

Yup. The renowned Floating Cap Phenomena. Does anyone REMOTELY know why the cap has to float? Usually when I see people wear caps, its all flat on their head, nice and neat, protecting your head from the burning effects of the sun. But what does a floating cap do? You know, when that fashion statement first came out, and I saw a bunch of 15 dudes (that right, FIFTEEN effing male teenagers) entering the train, with magically floating caps on their heads. IN DIFFERENT COLOURS! It was like seeing UFOs hovering above their heads. and I swear to you, as I was standing beside one of them, I surreptiously took a look inside the cap. ALL of them were wearing the caps with the mesh lining at the back, thus making the area around the back of the cap see-through. And there I was. Peering inside the cap, to look for answers I somehow felt wouldn’t come. It didn’t.

So I came up with a few theories on to what’s inside the cap.

  1. Food. Nasi Lemak, Mee Hongkong, Roti Prata.. the possibilities are endless.
  2. Polly Pocket figurine set.
  3. Pokemon cards.
  4. A Gremlin.
  5. Play-doh.
  6. Scrunched up Afro hair.
  7. A purple Smurf. Due to lack of air.
  8. A hamster. In a freakin wheel.

And to compound matters, I actually saw it. In a MUSIC VIDEO, of an American artiste. ITS SPREADING, PEOPLE. This guy, Karl Wolf, shoots his awesome music video in the land of oil-rich Dubai, drives a fantastic sports car, sits on a boat with his trophy girlfriend sipping god-knows-what.. and his effing CAP IS FLOATING.

Close up footage of floating cap on 2:00 onwards. SCREAM my friends. SCREAM.

Nice song eh? Saving grace, he flattened his cap after that.

You know what a bunch of these floating-cap-wearing-people remind me of?

Also known as Bash-in-floating-caps Game.

Also known as Bash-in-floating-caps Game.

You can just hear the game music in the background.. the game timer counting down.. and then the PIAK PIAK PIAK PIAK PIAK of the caps being flattened. Then followed by the sounds of your running footsteps and they chase you down. lols.

You know who should wear floating caps?? CONEHEADS!

This way to buy floating caps!

This way to buy floating caps!

Of course for them, its a necessity!

And I’m just posting this here, JUST BECAUSE she is extremely hot.

Okay. So I'm a fanboy. Sue me.

Okay. So I'm a fanboy. Sue me.


17 06 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo is probably making the WORST decisions in his career right now.

First. He’s moving to Real Madrid. REAL MADRID! The White Storm. Where the fans can just suddenly turn against you for just ONE bad performance. Forget about the 20 goals in the past 16 games.. bla bla bla. Look at Michael Owen. People forget he WAS from Real Madrid, where he did PRETTY WELL coming from the bench. Let’s see whether Ronaldo can perform as well as he did at Manchester United.

This is the one that really shocked the hell out of me. Cristiano Ronaldo is dating. Not just any supermodel mind you. He’s dating PARIS HILTON. YES. The figure that made sex tapes trendy all around the world. Check out the news here. Seriously I tell you. Even Cristiano’s mum is not agreeable with her. She thinks they can be the new Becks and Posh. Pui. Scary. I wouldn’t want to imagine the strains of STDs she might carry in her.

okay, moving on from disgusting news. I finally decided on the 2 places I wanna visit, or retire to, before I die.

New Zealand and South Korea.

New Zealand, you guys probably knew it already. I simply ADORE New Zealand. Just look at the Lord of Rings trilogy, was was shot in NZ. The scenery is FANTASTIC! Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this scenery every morning?

My room window view.

My room window view.

View from the other window.

View from the other window.

Hell yeah. Throw in the sheep too. Hari Raya Haji sacrifice.. MUTTON….

OK I bet the 2nd choice shocked you guys… a bit.

Other than my undying love for Korean female artistes Sun Ye WG, Yoona SNSD, Yoon Eun Hye, Goo Hye Sun, Son Dambi, Lee Hyori and Bae Seul Ki, I love the culture, the people and.. the countryside.

Don’t believe me? Check out this show called Family Outing. The show’s premise is simple. A group of celebrities (6 permanent cast with 1 guest) are sent out to the Korean countryside to help out a family with their household/daily stuff while that said family goes for a vacation. Besides the ensuing chaos and hilarity, the cut scenes showing the natural beauty of South Korea’s countryside is simply breath-taking. Check it out if you like to watch something really unique and laugh-all-the-time kinda fun. Follow this link here. Brings you straight to Youtube. The channel has english subtitles!

My fever has subsided. Thank goodness. I hope my appetite returns as well.

Naturally Rebellious.

11 06 2009

You know sometimes how your ear has this ringing sound whenever you stand too close to something loud, or, you stand right beside a bass booster stereo in a club? Well, I did the latter stunt yesterday at Rebel, and now my ears feels like Qifa Primary’s school bell ring. Its like perpetually recess time, all the time.

But I understand now why Samantha loves Rebel so much. Damn happening. I had to leave early though, and Marcus said the music got better later on at night. Was there with old primary matey Kuan Sian and his JC friends, Fiona and Jennifer. lols. The music was good, the atmosphere was good.. Rebel next Wednesday anyone? lols.

This morning, I had a very interesting conversation with a close friend of mine. She was relating to me her relationship problem, pertaining to communication. The problem was, the guy didn’t contact her enough. The worst case was when they actually went several days without talking to one another for like even 10 minutes, and with periodic SMSes (and when I say periodic, its more like 5 – 6… per day). The thing is, she’s feeling insecure about the whole situation, She doesn’t know what to do.

So I told her what most people would think makes the most sense. Tell the fella. See how he reassures you. And she pretty much said what I expected the reply would be; “Reassuring the girlfriend also need people to tell him?”

Okay, the thing is, all guys can be jerks, and they can be utterly chivalrous gentlemen. I admit, I can be a jerk sometimes, and then I have my good moments as well. How you define a guy that is good for life, is the number of jerk moments they have against the number of gentlemanly moments I suppose. Here is another fact: Guys are, surprisingly, humans too.

Which means, we have our bad moments on a regular basis. Ok let me take the abovementioned situation for example. Yes, I do admit that we guys have to be proactive in reassuring our partners that things will be fine. But the thing is, once that is done, and things are settled, the girl suddenly decides that the guy now is on autopilot mode, and would know know when and how to reassure her. That’s big mistake No. 1.

Remember I mentioned earlier that we guys are humans? Well, that’s because sometimes we need that occasional reminder too.. Just like how I know some of you love to hear sweet nothings from each other, this communication thing is an on-going tool too. We’re not psychics, so we definitely can’t read your minds. Not all guys are the same.. and some of us needs a reminder once in a while, in the form of a casual chat, or serious talk, or even an SMS or love letter. The thing is, we NEED YOU TO LET US KNOW. Eventually, we WILL go on autopilot, and you won’t need to remind us guys so often.

I got a feeling I know where this “my-boyfriend-must-and-should-know-when-to-reassure-me” concept is from. THIS DUDE:

No. 1 on a girl's wishlist.

No. 1 on a girl's wishlist.

If you’ve read the Twilight series (and I have, and I own all 4 books. Epic fact.), you’d know that this guy could practically communicate to Bella and reassure her, make her happy and all the like. BUT, unlike us, he’s a 100 year old vampire who decides to turn vegan with this uber good looking doctor and his family of vampires. See where I’m coming from? And I bet, the same concept can be found in countless other romantic dramas, movies, Korean and Japanese drama serials.

FACT: Those are all scripted. Whereas your relationships are not.

Knowing all these things, being on autopilot, being able to rush out and meet her at any point of the day.. bla bla bla.. kinda makes Edward like a robot doesn’t it?

Future Edward Cullen.

Future Edward Cullen.

Anyway, to continue with the story, I told my friend whatever I said above. and she said “OK, I go tell him for the 500th time”.

Besides implying that she actually counts the number of times she has spoken to him (which is waaaay into OCD), she’s saying that she’s been telling him A LOT of times about the situation, and he just ain’t doing anything about it. If that happens to you, then my female friends, all of you should do this:

Eunuch in the making.

Eunuch in the making.

Minus the horrifying look of wrath and anger of course. Not sexy. The look on the guy’s face is just.. fantastic.

What do you think? Not about the eunuch, about what I mentioned earlier. Makes sense? Fair?

Just try the communication thing. It’ll do wonders.


30 04 2009

I’m still up. Waiting for the Champion’s League Semifinal game between MY club Manchester United and Arse-anal Arsenal. It SHOULD be a cracker of a game. I hope.

Anyway, I came across this article while surfing around after getting bored of watching my downloaded animes.

Builders find Auschwitz message

Can you imagine that? A message left behind in 1944, to be found in 2009. God knows whether the people in the letter are still alive, but don’t you think that they actually managed to leave a piece of their history behind, to let the future discover? I can imagine how proud and emotional their descendants would be. Then I suddenly remembered why my email address has a peculiar number behind it (for those who don’t know, one of my email addresses is


Which is 100 years after the year I’m born. I remembered what was going through my mind when I first thought of that email addie;

“Would I be alive 100 years after I was born?”

Kind of morbid know. Chances are, it won’t happen. But then again, you might never know. The point is, I was looking to imagine how it’d be like in Year 2085. The fella who wants to choose that email address would be shocked to find out its been in use since 2003. Maybe in 2085, my son’s son’s son’s children will be born. I wonder what his name will be? Will it have a Shah behind as well? What kind of legacy will I leave for them? Would they be of mix blood? Would they be handsome / beautiful?

What will be new in 2085? Would there still be ERP? Would cars be flying instead of on the road? Would Calvin’s son finally get a JC girlfriend? Will there be JCs in that era? Can Ryan finally eat mayonnaise? Will phones be able to transmit live images without lagging, across all the continents? Would the sea levels be the same? Great fun to see what will be in the future ain’t it.

Sometimes, I wish I could freeze myself at this age, and then watch as my descendants grow up into the future. Cullen-like, if you may. Well, according to most nature forecasters, Earth would run out of fuel, have the ozone layer completely depleted, bla bla bla.. pandemics.. endemics.. Not a really bright future if you look at it pessimistically. BUT. We ARE the smartest species on the planet. We’ll find a way through. Will my descendants have a hand in it? Will they get to live off the planet?

I got a million and one questions running through my head right now. I just wish I could travel to the future, and see how Muhd Fadzli Shah the 4th will do in the future. On the other hand, what I can do right now, is to let him see what I did in the past.

I have no idea whether my 2 blogs will survive far into the future. There, they can read everything I went through, the mistakes I made, the people I loved and loathed, the things I’ve seen and heard.. never thought a blog can be that significant right? I look at my grandparents and think about the things they’ve seen in their lifetime.. and then comes my experiences.. to be passed down to my son. and his son after that.

I think you guys can tell this post is churning up thought trains in my head more confusing than Ryan’s hair when it was long and unruly. But you get what I mean. I just hope, and pray, that the future will be bright and happy for my descendants.

By the way, I’ve updated the About page, and also added a new one as well, Global Lyrics. Check out the tabs at the top of the blog.


29 04 2009

7 days from my last post. What have I been up to? Frankly speaking, you guys know I’m the type with super short term memory. so I’ll try to recall bits and pieces here and there.

Over the weekend spent time with the Team. Top One KTV~. HAHA so FUN! For majority of them, its the first time hearing me sing Mandarin songs, and for all of them, first time hearing me sing Spanish. LOLS! The place is damn cool as well. They even had this smoke machine that was meant to recreate a concert stage like setting.. so like the curious cat I am, I pressed the “Mist” (or was it Smoke) button, and out it came. The thing is, I didn’t know whether it has a set timer upon which it stops spewing out smoke, or I had to press that button again to stop it from coming out. So I SPAM the button, ala pushing-off-zombies-from-my-face-with-right-click style. I think the smoke machine has a timer. So I practically filled the whole room with smoke, that Mayii was complaining of breathlesness and got out. lols. We had dinner at the prata shop near NAFA, where we gave nicknames to 2 of our most charismatic people. Lorenzo is now known as Black Hole, while Jon is now know as Roti. Roti Jon.


Jon’s nick is straightforward. But why Black hole for Lorenzo? Lemme tell you why.

The prata kosong at the shop is a bit special, because they sell it in a set, 2 pieces per set. So while everyone was discussing what they wanted, Kuro wanted 1 set and Mayii wanted 1 set. So after I gave the guy all the orders, save the prata, Lorenzo came into the picture and told the fella 3 sets of prata kosong. Makes sense right? 1 for Kuro, 1 for Mayii and one for Lorenzo himself. So when the fella came back with the prata, it was all 6 pieces on one plate. Lorenzo took the plate and went:

“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.. All mine!”

I just went WTF Witch style. I looked at his skinny frame and the amount of prata he was eating, it didn’t match. lols. So I ordered the other 2 sets for the 2 poor waiting people, and when it came, Lorenzo was well into his 3rd kosong piece. This was just the beginning.

Rochelle ordered watermelon juice, and she commented it tastes like chilli. I took a sip, and wow. it DID taste like chilli. But I think its just simply the watermelon having sugar added, therefore giving a sweet taste. I don’t want to go into the mechanics here, but certain chemical reactions with sugar causes slight twinges to the taste of the product. She didn’t want it anymore, and since we were all done, she and Shiro decided to remix the drink. With curry, sugar, prata pieces, teh cino ice.. you get the picture. It was concoction worth attracting The Horde.

Zouk was having free drinks night.

Zouk was having free drinks night.

Once that drink was all prepared to be served, out came Lorenzo. He took it, he tasted it, took more tentative sips, and said “hmm.. not bad”.

I saw him the next day, and I’m still talking to him on MSN now, so I can verify for you guys he is not dead.

So now you all understand. Black Hole. lols.

Sunday, the Team went to PS for lunch at PS to discuss some aspects of the Cosplay event. I’m being asked to choreo a dance. -_-”

Not exactly confident about it, but I will do my best!

Anyway, we ended up having a normal lunch instead, and the real discussions started at Hemisphere cafe. I got a clear idea of what to do now. helped a lot! Kuro and Jon went home after that, whilst the rest of us went to Kino, and after that Rochor to have some nice soybean-related products after meeting Bryan. Hungry Sunday lols.

The days passed by uneventfully after that, until yesterday evening. Met up with Huat and Bryan for some L4D action. It was here that I became a prolific Witch disturber. and I also found out that 1 propane tank is not enough to bring a damn Witch, even though she looks like she’s been blown off balance. She keng only. She almost bloody killed me after that. Basket.

Check out these 2 webbies below.

This webbie belongs to one of my friends, Edmund, who has opened his own online pet shop, catering to food and pet care services. He does delivery, so if you find that you don’t have sufficient time to take care of your best friend for that particular week, Edmund can help! He carries a wide variety of canine food and health supplements as well!

The Better Toys Store Blog
I just discovered that my old working spot had a blog. The webbie is still under construction though. However, if you just take a look through the blog, you can see all the cool toys and products that they carry, and also pictures of the events they held! Promotions info are also posted up here. Check out the website if you’re looking for a unique gift person for your loved one!

A bit of advice for you guys as well. Have you read of the Swine Flu Outbreak from Mexico? Read about it here:
2009 Swine Flu Outbreak

Basically, its a strain of flu, originating from pigs, that have adapted to become endemic in both humans and birds. To put it simply, it evolved. Reassorting itself to make itself viable in a human or bird host. The closest case to Singapore is in Hong Kong and South Korea where there is 4 and 1 suspected cases respectively. Okay, so while it IS suspected, after the SARS scare a few years ago, please take the necessary precautions. Avoid all pork-related food to stay safe, and the moment you display flu symptoms, go see a doctor straightaway. It has already claimed 159 lives already in Mexico alone.

Please take care of yourselves everyone!


22 04 2009

I think I’m going nuts.

No, its not because I played Left 4 Dead again today (I seriously need to kick the game out of my system).

I’m hooked to this song;

In my head today, I was lolli lolli lollipopping all the way from Bugis to Yew Tee. And yeah I went to Bugis today. Got some new stuff. Watch. Jeans. Top.

After my semi-splurging today, it just undermines the fact that I NEED TO FIND A JOB! albeit temporarily.

This section goes out to a dear friend of mine, since I’m still fucking pissed off with you and your attitude.
You fucking know who you are. You keep asking plenty of things about friends and NS. I told you what I know, what I experienced. Out of sight, out of mind. Yeah I’ve been through it. EVERY male Singaporean citizen has. You’re not the only dick in Singapore who’s been through it. So even IF you are feeling bitter about it, don’t fucking give me that fucked up attitude of yours just because I asked you a DAMN SIMPLE QUESTION. So fucking what if I want to try on the cap? Why, I can’t bite G-Dragon? AND. what the fuck makes you think I was gonna bite him anyway? Just because I asked you? I look at your fashion sense, and I’m sure you got your inspiration off someone. That’s biting too fucking damn it. And who gave you the right to tell me not to bite anyway? What are you, the fashion police? WOOO.. come arrest me I’m biting off another dude for his style. What’s my sentence? 15 years in a beige old pants and singlet?

You keep asking me whether you changed. I said you didn’t, because I felt that you hadn’t changed! But after that demonstration of your fucked up attitude last night, OH BOY. You gave me a reason to verbally fuck you. I have every right to try on something that catches my eye. YOU KNOW IT YOURSELF TOO. When do I ever bite off the stuff I see? even if I did, its because I want to see whether it suits me or not.

Oh, and for your fucking info, I DID try on the cap today. It didn’t suit me. There. Case closed. Not so hard isn’t it? If you actually kept your opinion to yourself, or at least phrased your words nicely, I wouldn’t get so damn fucking offended. Work on your words man. Don’t convince me that all in your vocabulary are nothing but vulgarities A – Z.

Use your head dammit.