Naturally Rebellious.

11 06 2009

You know sometimes how your ear has this ringing sound whenever you stand too close to something loud, or, you stand right beside a bass booster stereo in a club? Well, I did the latter stunt yesterday at Rebel, and now my ears feels like Qifa Primary’s school bell ring. Its like perpetually recess time, all the time.

But I understand now why Samantha loves Rebel so much. Damn happening. I had to leave early though, and Marcus said the music got better later on at night. Was there with old primary matey Kuan Sian and his JC friends, Fiona and Jennifer. lols. The music was good, the atmosphere was good.. Rebel next Wednesday anyone? lols.

This morning, I had a very interesting conversation with a close friend of mine. She was relating to me her relationship problem, pertaining to communication. The problem was, the guy didn’t contact her enough. The worst case was when they actually went several days without talking to one another for like even 10 minutes, and with periodic SMSes (and when I say periodic, its more like 5 – 6… per day). The thing is, she’s feeling insecure about the whole situation, She doesn’t know what to do.

So I told her what most people would think makes the most sense. Tell the fella. See how he reassures you. And she pretty much said what I expected the reply would be; “Reassuring the girlfriend also need people to tell him?”

Okay, the thing is, all guys can be jerks, and they can be utterly chivalrous gentlemen. I admit, I can be a jerk sometimes, and then I have my good moments as well. How you define a guy that is good for life, is the number of jerk moments they have against the number of gentlemanly moments I suppose. Here is another fact: Guys are, surprisingly, humans too.

Which means, we have our bad moments on a regular basis. Ok let me take the abovementioned situation for example. Yes, I do admit that we guys have to be proactive in reassuring our partners that things will be fine. But the thing is, once that is done, and things are settled, the girl suddenly decides that the guy now is on autopilot mode, and would know know when and how to reassure her. That’s big mistake No. 1.

Remember I mentioned earlier that we guys are humans? Well, that’s because sometimes we need that occasional reminder too.. Just like how I know some of you love to hear sweet nothings from each other, this communication thing is an on-going tool too. We’re not psychics, so we definitely can’t read your minds. Not all guys are the same.. and some of us needs a reminder once in a while, in the form of a casual chat, or serious talk, or even an SMS or love letter. The thing is, we NEED YOU TO LET US KNOW. Eventually, we WILL go on autopilot, and you won’t need to remind us guys so often.

I got a feeling I know where this “my-boyfriend-must-and-should-know-when-to-reassure-me” concept is from. THIS DUDE:

No. 1 on a girl's wishlist.

No. 1 on a girl's wishlist.

If you’ve read the Twilight series (and I have, and I own all 4 books. Epic fact.), you’d know that this guy could practically communicate to Bella and reassure her, make her happy and all the like. BUT, unlike us, he’s a 100 year old vampire who decides to turn vegan with this uber good looking doctor and his family of vampires. See where I’m coming from? And I bet, the same concept can be found in countless other romantic dramas, movies, Korean and Japanese drama serials.

FACT: Those are all scripted. Whereas your relationships are not.

Knowing all these things, being on autopilot, being able to rush out and meet her at any point of the day.. bla bla bla.. kinda makes Edward like a robot doesn’t it?

Future Edward Cullen.

Future Edward Cullen.

Anyway, to continue with the story, I told my friend whatever I said above. and she said “OK, I go tell him for the 500th time”.

Besides implying that she actually counts the number of times she has spoken to him (which is waaaay into OCD), she’s saying that she’s been telling him A LOT of times about the situation, and he just ain’t doing anything about it. If that happens to you, then my female friends, all of you should do this:

Eunuch in the making.

Eunuch in the making.

Minus the horrifying look of wrath and anger of course. Not sexy. The look on the guy’s face is just.. fantastic.

What do you think? Not about the eunuch, about what I mentioned earlier. Makes sense? Fair?

Just try the communication thing. It’ll do wonders.